Does my company need an LMS?

Why a Training Tracker could be a better fit for your business.


There are many reasons in 2021 why your organisation needs to train employees.  With the huge number of learning systems on the market place, choosing the right one can be challenging.  We investigate whether LMS’s really satisfy all the requirements of businesses looking for a training system, and if a simplified, more cost effective system is not only adequate but more accurately satisfies the requirements of the business.


Identify your training requirements

What are your learning goals?  Is the training material produced in house, through a learning channel or from 3rd party providers?  What will the training achieve?  Is it recurring?  For instance a qualification that expires?  How critical is the training?  Do you need to monitor progress across company levels?


Learning Managements Systems are multi-functional, designed to do more than track training, with heavy focus on the creation of content and delivery of online training programs, and may well satisfy your requirements.  If your organisation will use external 3rd party material for training, the complex LMS will not be the best fit for your business, and a waste of financial resources.


Whilst LMS’s are great for creating, storing and distributing training materials, most lack tracking and monitoring functionality where testing and examinations are critical for compliance, and in particular where a certification expires or needs repeating.


Generating reports for identifying who needs to be trained at a certain time and date for a position, can be critical.  Management on this level is often a missed feature on the ‘training content heavy’ LMS Systems.


In certain sectors, training will often come from external 3rd party sources, such as government and healthcare, and others may require their employees to complete in-house training which will not necessarily be housed within the LMS.  Practical training for instance how to use machinery safely will not be housed on a computer, however, the results of the training will need to be accounted for.  This is where a test creation in house will then become the qualification the employee will need to pass, a bit like a theory test for driving a car.  Test and Track features are all that is required here.  This is where your LMS will become redundant, critically a drain on resources.

Why not spreadsheets?

There are a number of reasons why managing training tracking on a spreadsheet is not a good idea for your company.  Spreadsheets require managing using human hours, which is on the one hand costly, but exposes the project to human error which in this instance can be extremely costly.  If a company has incorrect information about the compliance or level of health and safety training an employee has, the risk level is critical, and could result in heavy fines, company closure, and the welfare of the employees themselves.  

By analysing the risks your company is exposed to, this will identify what training is needed and where.  Having a flexible system to manage the training, track progress of the employees and deliver audits on compliance is going to satisfy the business stakeholders.

Arcus Test, Track, Comply is simple and versatile, and does not compete in the market with LMS systems, but rather focuses on the management and tracking of training progress and testing of employees.  Designed for large organisations with complex training needs, but with the convenience of one centralized cloud system, its versatility enables complete customization, and is able to serve any company in any sector where compliance through training is a high priority.

How cost effective is Arcus?

Simplicity is the key, with a focus on tracking rather than training, the cost is less, and gives your business the versatility to follow any training program.  Staged sign up options offer a cost-effective and affordable monthly fee for any size company.  Rather than charging per user, Arcus is modelled on a per assessment structure.  Assessments can be purchased in bundles, or alternatively, a 12 month license can be purchased with no additional costs.

In summary, running a training program need not necessarily mean purchasing an expensive LMS system.  Take time to identify the training needs of the business, that are both immediate, mid and long term.  Take a moment to learn more about Arcus and how it could be the perfect fit for your business.  Sign up to our 30 day trail or request a live demo with one of our sales team.