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Real-time Customer Onboarding Platform

A digital onboarding platform fully integrated into legacy systems

The Problem

The existing system required channel partners and brokers to manually fill out PDF forms and submit it to providers to onboard new customers.  

Customer Pain Points:

  • Manual onboarding process using paper and PDF forms took valuable administration time. 
  • Labour intensive and prone to human error
  • Rigid outdated Systems
  • Data quality and security issues
  • Customer dis-satisfaction due to long onboarding times


The Solution

Digitalised Customer Onboarding Processes

Cagan Tech replaced a slow, laborious and costly manual onboarding system with a fully integrated digital platform.

With an agile project based methodology, the team embarked on a digital journey, cutting time and costs of business processes across the organisation and 3rd parties.

Key Features of the System:

  • We digitalised the process, wrapping rigid core legacy systems with modular cloud architecture and API’s, resulting in immediate activation with current systems
  • Replaced the restrictive and slow Microsoft Dynamix system reducing applications processing from 1 hour to 10 minutes
  • We enabled end customers and channel partners to onboard themselves in real time directly onto the new portal from the website
  • Automated verification of ID and bank accounts details via integrations to 3rd party systems enabled the onboarding process to be complete in real time
  • The digitalised underwriting module facilitated different paypoints, resulting in faster and more secure processing of rules based activation processes.
  • Digital underwriting enables check rules of company wide specific schemes and products

10 mins

Reduced application processing time per customer from 1 hour

30 min

New digital onboarding process, eliminated manual capturing for onboarding new customers. Reduced interaction time from 7 days to 30 min


Underwriting rules checking in real-time from a manual 24 hour process

The Result

Cagan Tech’s use of digital solutions transformed the way customers onboard onto the business’s existing platform.

Integrating with 3rd party software and underwriting systems in real-time contributed to the massive reduction in time taken to onboard a new customer from 7 days to minutes per client. 

Future-proof solutions mean further digitalisation of the customer journey is both cost-effective and streamlined.

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Lowered operating costs

  • Customer applications are processed in real-time, enabling higher onboarding rates
  • Better customer experience in a competitive market
  • Efficient onboarding process

Increased Sales Conversions

  • The solution is a low cost implementation
  • Significantly lower cost per conversion
  • Reallocation of resources to back office increasing productivity
  • Reduced costs of storage and processing by using cloud integrations

“Over the past 3 years, Cagan Tech has taken the business 10 years forward with the projects they have delivered”

“80% of our Digital Roadmap has been delivered by Cagan Tech”

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