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Digitalised Leads Management Platform

Enabling digital leads to be intelligently allocated and processed through a new digital platform

The Problem

Our client had no way to deal with new leads coming from digital channels. Manual processes meant the business was not optimising potential for new leads and processing these in an effective way that satisfies the new customer enough to want to onboard.

Customer Pain Points:

  • Rigid legacy leads platform was not able to ingest and process leads from digital channels
  • Labour intensive and prone to human error
  • Data quality and security issues
  • Costly manual business processes
  • Low onboarding rates
  • Customer dis-satisfaction
  • Competition had better systems


The Solution

Integrating a new digital leads management system with existing 3rd party systems

Understanding the challenges of the business quickly enabled Cagan Tech to provide a solution that integrated into the existing systems of the client.

Integrations are less disruptive and more cost-effective solutions to

Key Features of the System:

  • Built a digitalised lead capture and distribution system
  • Integrates with the legacy customer management system (CMS)
  • Leads are digitally captured and intelligently pushed to qualified channel partners
  • Leads are captured through multiple communication channels including Online, Mobile App, WhatsApp, Social Media, Chatbot and VOIP
  • The system integrates with quoting, benefit and rules engines to filter the lead and assign the new member with the correct product/scheme
  • Built an underwriting calculator to produce customer quotes for potential new leads
  • We enabled digital leads distribution to channel partners by replacing a restricted Microsoft Dynamix with our platform
  • New leads have ruled applied to them including POPIA compliance
  • Developed an Advisor Accreditation and Training tracking solution.  Leads are allocated only to Advisors and channel partners that have passed the accreditations


New leads into the business in the first 60 days with the new Digital Onboarding System


Digital quoting system saving time for the client and potential customers


Underwriting rules checking in real-time from a manual 24 hour process

The Result

By managing new leads digitally, this enabled the business to increase the number of potential leads through faster processing, distribute leads to relevant departments or intermediaries, and improve the opportunity for marketing and increased product sales through cross-selling.

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Lowered operating costs

  • More customers are captured and driven through the platform
  • Better customer experience in a competitive market
  • Efficient onboarding process

Increased Sales Conversions

  • The solution is a low cost implementation
  • Significantly lower cost per conversion
  • Reallocation of resources to back office increasing productivity
  • Reduced costs of storage and processing by using cloud integrations

“Over the past 3 years, Cagan Tech has taken the business 10 years forward with the projects they have delivered”

“80% of our Digital Roadmap has been delivered by Cagan Tech”

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