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Channel Partner & Corporate Employee Portals

Building out platforms and portals to enable self service all along the value chain

The Problem

The traditional, manual business processes existed between the company, their channel partners and other external corporations using the system. Challenges existed in the security and cleanliness of data transfer, but also in the administrative hours needed to carry out data checks and sharing between companies.

Customer Pain Points:

  • No platforms existed for channel partners or their clients to onboard directly onto the product/schemes system.
  • Limited ability to market products and generate leads through new channels due to 
  • legacy systems   
  • A fully manual, heavy lifting process
  • Labour intensive and prone to human error and bad data
  • Full verified onboarding took 7+ days to complete
  • Data security and compliance issues 
  • Customer dis-satisfaction due to long onboarding and service times


The Solution

Automated data flow between companies

Cagan Tech developed portals giving the customer, their channel partners, corporates and brokers access to required data instantly and securely.

A continuous method of integration into 3rd party software ensure the portals are as effective as a digital solution can be, further speeding up processes and giving the customer a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Key Features of the System:

  • Channel Partner Portals enable an automated flow of information processing across the value chain.  Intermediaries or brokers in healthcare and insurance have their own portal to manage new and existing customers

  • The portal is integrated into the required verification systems to enable real time data verification/ ID and bank account data
  • The digitalised underwriting module facilitated check rules of company wide schemes and products, and customer benefits and quotation calculators
  • Integration of multiple channels of communication including Mobile App, WhatsApp, Social Media and VOIP, speeding up the leads management and onboarding processes and improving the customer experience
  • The data is clean and secure
  • Corporate Portals enable corporations to manage their own employee onboarding process for medical aid and healthcare.  A fully automated process between employee, corporate and the brokers or healthcare scheme suppliers
  • Product/Scheme Suppliers at the top of the channel or value chain have access to more customers and new market segments due to connectivity direct to consumer
  • Opportunities for product/scheme cross selling between teams, departments and companies
  • Intermediaries and corporates have access to sell more products/schemes to new markets

30 mins

New customer onboarding reduced from 7 days to 30 minutes


ID checking reduced from 1-2 minutes


Customer, Channel Partner and Corporate across the value chain

The Result

Improving data sharing and transfer by implementing digital systems transforms the business processes within an organisation.

The customer is able to be more innovative, exploit new markets of opportunity and be competitive in the marketplace through digitalisation.

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Lowered operating costs

  • Digitalised customer journey processes in real-time
  • Higher onboarding rates and customer retention
  • Better customer experience in a competitive market
  • Opportunities for cross-selling and new market exploitation

Increased Sales Conversions

  • Reduction in manual processing reduces operating costs
  • Reallocation of resources to back office increasing productivity
  • Reduction in hardware and staffing costs
  • Low cost, high tech solution
  • Reduced storage costs due to cloud based solution 

“Over the past 3 years, Cagan Tech has taken the business 10 years forward with the projects they have delivered”

“80% of our Digital Roadmap has been delivered by Cagan Tech”

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