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A Digital Transformation Journey

Optimised experience makes seamless processes.

Optimised allocation of resources improves processes.

The Problem

In early 2019, Our client, a large corporation in the Healthcare sector came to Cagan Tech  ready for change, with a vision for organic growth and technological enhancements to improve business processes.

A review of business operations realised a need to improve processes and accelerate modernisation.  The business needed to address:

THE CUSTOMER: Harness customer networks and reinvent the path to purchase in line with their digital behaviours

THE COMPETITION: Rethink the competition and build platforms that deliver competitive advantage

DATA: Turn data into assets that prove results and enable cross team collaboration

INNOVATION: Innovate by rapid experimentation and an agile roadmap

VALUE: Judge change by how digital transformation helps create the next business

Customer Pain Points:

  • No system integration end points
  • Rigid outdated Systems
  • Manual onboarding of customers
  • Poor reporting
  • Competitors have better technology
  • Data quality issues
  • Data security issues
  • Outdated, inefficient distribution network
  • Bespoke software development = in-flexible and high cost
  • Business Process restricted to software capabilities
  • Heavy lifting to integrate into corporate systems


The Solution

A succession of short term wins

Cagan Tech adopted a strategy of digital transformation through a series of agile platforms optimised to support operational change, and utilise new opportunities.

A method of phased projects, enabled a flexible, secure and proactive digital transformation to take place.

Key Features of the System:

  • The Cagan Tech solution supports API’s enabling integration with existing CRM legacy systems.  The key feature included customer onboarding online which solved huge cost, and security issues with the manual handling of customer applications. 
  • The digitalised underwriting module facilitated different paypoints, resulting in faster and more secure processing of customer application checks.
  • Integrations into 3rd party systems for real time customer verification checks again reduced time and increased efficiency in customer ID checking.
  • An enhanced digital experience for younger customers, with digital channels of communication to manage the entire lifecycle of their membership including integration with social media channels, WhatsApp, and Mobile App, with live chat and chat bot features.
  • The solution runs on a cloud based framework which is 75%-90% more energy efficient, faster processing, unlimited storage capacity and offers a future for scalability, collaboration and customisation.
  • Flexibility and customisation is key to working alongside a company through the digital transformation journey and remain future proof and agile.


New leads into the business in the first 60 days with the new Digital Onboarding System

30 min

New digital onboarding process, eliminated manual capturing for onboarding new customers. Reduced interaction time from 7 days to 30 min


Underwriting rules checking in real-time from a manual 24 hour process

The Result

The Team at Cagan Tech transformed the way customer service and call centres were managed, reducing onboarding times from 7 days to minutes per client.  Through effective understanding of problems, innovative solutions have been applied transforming the call centre processes.

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Lowered operating costs

  • The solution is a low cost implementation
  • Chatbots are 95% more efficient than telephone
  • Significantly lower cost per conversion
  • Reallocation of resources to back office increasing productivity
  • Reduced costs of storage and processing

Increased Sales Conversions

  • More customers are captured and driven through the platform
  • Better customer experience in a competitive market
  • Better customer service
  • Efficient onboarding process

“Over the past 3 years, Cagan Tech has taken the business 10 years forward with the projects they have delivered”

“80% of our Digital Roadmap has been delivered by Cagan Tech”

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