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Manage & Track Multi-level Business Compliance

An essential tool for tracking compliance training records and competence across your corporation verticals.

Why Choose Arcus - Test Track Comply?

Company compliance has never been so important for all business stakeholders. Keeping poor records can be an auditing nightmare with unprecedented actions being taken for lack of compliance.
Track Training

Track all your partners and employees certifications in one central system. Multi-level logins enable your staff to manage their own training and certification, and make them accountable for what is required of them.

Save Time

Still use spreadsheets? Create more time to focus on the things that matter. With more time to spend on other business activities, you are optimising your time and improving business processes in this simple to use system.

Save Money

Less administration, means less wages. This cost-effective solution will bring ROI ten times over. Avoid hefty expensive software that you don’t need with an affordable monthly subscription and no upfront costs.

Be Compliant

Keeping your partner and employee compliance training records up to date ensures compliance at all levels. Be ready for audits with easy reporting, and keep track of competence and compliance with gap alerts.

Try Arcus - Test Track Comply Now

Take control of your compliance records, try the Arcus - Test Track Comply system today

  • FREE no obligation 14 day trial
  • FREE demo and training once per week for up to 5 administrators (30 min Zoom Session)
  • FREE ASSISTANCE with data onboarding (Up to one certificate)
  • FLEXIBLE support and training options
  • No credit card required

Why use a Compliance Training Tracker System?

Does your industry require your partners or employees to be trained by law? Is your business audited regularly to ensure you are in line with regulations?


Where timely tracking of certification is required to satisfy compliance across multiple levels. Keep on top of expiring certifications and updates.


Producing accurate reporting to specific dates or time periods enables you to predict and plan for future compliance and audit requirements.


For large scale complex organisations, monitoring compliance training needs to be centralised and visible in one system across all levels.

Costly, non-compliant Spreadsheets

High wage bills, a risk of human error, data privacy issues, data loss and security concerns are common problems associated with managing data on spreadsheets.






Exams Taken


Certificates Issues

Pricing Plans

No set up fees, one easy to manage, affordable monthly subscription based on number of users.

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