We engineer systems that unlock the digital experience.

Our digital engineers build timely, cost-effective, and top-quality solutions that work in perfect harmony with the architecture and business requirements of our clients systems.

What is Digital Engineering?

Excellent Digital Software Engineering ensures a great digital experience to customers, through the building and delivery of compelling software and digital products, with a customer first focus.

Building, delivery and innovation are key to  constantly improving the customer journey by delivering solutions that underpin the digital transformation mandate all businesses face today.

Our Success

To achieve quick wins, we work with our clients to build a Proof of Concept (POC) / Minimum Viable Product (MVP) very early in the process. We strive for strong client relationships that allow us to iterate together from the delivery of MVP to end up with a robust solution.

We know how to approach problems from unexpected angles and translate them into custom solutions for our clients.

Our approach often includes a unique combination of project work delivered with licensed software leave-behind, either from the Cagan Tech licensed parts bin or from third party software providers. 

These factors give us the ability to innovate on the go and deliver rapidly. We believe our results  demonstrate these successes. 


27% of total call centre traffic handled by WhatsApp chat  in the first month


New digital onboarding process, eliminated manual capturing for onboarding new customers. Reduced interaction time from 7days to 30 min.

Vaccine 1st

Produced the first digital Covid-19 proof of vaccination certificate in South Africa

What our clients say

“Over the past 3 years Cagan Tech has taken the business 10 years forward”

“80% of our digital transformation roadmap has been delivered by Cagan Tech”

What we do

Digital Technology Roadmaps

We design technology roadmaps in conjunction with our clients

System Architecture

We take time to understand your ecosystem to design the best fit system architecture

Software Engineering Services

We have the expertise to build scalable solutions

Digital Platform Development

We have deployed both scalable B2B and engaging B2C systems

Integration with Legacy Systems

Enabling clients to evolve from rigid legacy core system to an agile ecosystem

Product Deployment and Support

We configure, deploy and update software

Highly Secure Systems

Security is key in all of our platforms and products

Licensed Software

Our licenced customer software delivers cost effective scalable products for our clients

User Testimonials

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